th-1I ran across the following article today, and thought you might find it very interesting.  Since I have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), I have been eating organic foods for the past several years. It has been a process, because as you probably know making major changes in the way you eat is not easy.  In the beginning I eliminated foods, that I was certain contained things that I couldn’t eat (MSG, artificial sweeteners, chemical food additives, etc).  However, as time passed, I learned of more additives that weren’t good for me.  I now eat totally organic foods.

     For the past several years, we have been growing as organically, as possible, in the flowerbeds around our townhouse.  This year, we are renting two garden plots, at our local Community Garden, which is totally “organic”.
     I was familiar with most of what this article says. However, there were a few things that I wasn’t aware of, or needed to be reminded.  I couldn’t help thinking, as I read the article, how glad I am that I have gone totally organic. This includes buying only “organic” products, at our local grocery store. This isn’t easy, since some foods we like aren’t sold in “organic” form. However, our local grocery store, now has a “Natural Foods” aisle, which includes an increasing number of “organic” products.
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