I started feeding my cats a raw diet, when one of them developed FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease), and the Vet wanted to put him on an expensive, high grain diet. I had another cat (years ago), who had FLUTD, who went on that food, and DSCN3096gained over ten pounds. In doing my research, I learned that cats are “obligate carnivores”, which means that they were created to eat meat, and not grains. We had been feeding our kitties an organic dry food, that had grains, and the one with FLUTD was a big boned cat, but he weighed too much at 26 pounds. We put them on a modified raw diet, and in the first month he lost five pounds. They have been on this modified raw diet, for about a year, and all three of them have gorgeous coats, lots of energy, and are happy and healthy. We have not had to take them to the vet once. ¬†Here is my recipe for Modified Raw Cat Food, with additional information, about some of the things I put in it. Read more →