Natural Strategies for Fighting Cancer

This was originally written, for a family friend, who was diagnosed with a fast growing form of breast cancer. I am adding this to my blog, because I am concerned about people, who are being diagnosed, with cancer, and not given many options. Too many people, who follow the advise of conventional medicine, have temporary remission, but too quickly end up with their doctors telling them there is nothing else that can be done. In fact, I know of only one person, who was cancer free after thirty years. If you have, or know someone who has cancer, please pass this on, so they will at least be aware of options, in addition to conventional medicine, for fighting their cancer.
I am no expert, by any means, but given my medical background (as an RN), and understanding, of how the human body works, I believe there is a great deal of validity to what I am suggesting below. I do not believe that one should accept it when a doctor says, “there is nothing else I can do for you.” I also believe, that if one begins using these modalities BEFORE receiving a diagnosis, of cancer, they will most likely never hear those dreaded words . . .
Getting cancer to go into remission, requires a combination of natural modalities, determination and faith. Following are some things, which I think someone with cancer, might want to begin with. None of the following recommended modalities would interact or be contraindicated with any conventional cancer treatments.
My personal feeling about chemo, is that it is a shotgun approach, that kills ALL cells in the body. The goal is to attack the cancer cells, which are supposed to be weaker, than healthy cells, which are supposed to hold up, against the toxic chemo drugs, long enough, for the cancer cells to die. My experience, has been that this doesn’t always happen. Healthy cells die right along with the cancer cells, and the chemo ends up killing the patient, after making them too sick, to fight any illness, let alone cancer. The sicker a patient is, the faster non-cancerous cells die, leading to the patient getting sicker. This is a type of downward spiral that goes faster and faster.  In many cases, the chemo kills the patient, rather than the cancer killing the patient. However, this is my general opinion, and one must work with their doctor, to find the best approach for conquering their cancer. There are some conventional cancer treatments, that focus specifically on the area with cancer, and those modalities should definitely be explored with your doctor.
Oxygen therapy and alkalizing the body, are two important places to immediately start, as cancer cells, don’t survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment. They will not interfere with any conventional medicines. There are several ways to oxygenate and alkalize, which I have listed below.
From what I have seen, a patient, who is given no hope by conventional doctors, would also do well, to immediately begin oxygen therapy and alkalize their body. I have seen testimonies, where the doctor didn’t give any hope, for recovery, and when treatment was begun immediately, the patient was able to recover and live a quality life.
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
Oxy E
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) – The above article says that H2O2 is not as effective as OxyE. However, what I have seen about it, is that it is very effective at preventing and minimizing current cancer.  I take 10 drops of 35% Food Grade H2O2, in 8 oz of FILTERED water two to three times daily. If I had cancer, I would increase that to 25 drops three times daily. I would put that in a larger glass of filtered water, as it tends to leave an after taste, if not diluted enough. (Note: do not use a metal spoon to mix a liquid with H2O2, as the metal in the spoon reacts, with the H2O2, and speeds the breakdown, of the chemical bond, of the oxygen and hydrogen, thereby decreasing the oxygenation effect.)
I buy my Food Grade H2O2 at:
There is an excellent discussion on the benefits of Food Grade H2O2, and how to use it.

When looking for more info on using Food Grade H2O2, I came across this cancer treatment protocol, for treating cancer with H2O2. the cancer patient might want to take a look at it.

Here is another link, from the same site, that addresses breast cancer:

Here is their link, for treatment of lung cancer:


Modern day diets are highly acidic. This leaves our bodies prime environments, for cancer and infection, which both thrive in an acidic environment. By alkalizing our bodies, it leads to a weakening of cancer cells and microbes. A quick way to alkalize the body, is to take 1/4 tsp of baking soda in filtered water, three times a day. The best way to test, if this is changing your pH, is to purchase test strips that test your urine – from 4.0pH (very acidic), to 9.0 pH (very alkaline). The goal is to get the pH of the urine to 7.0. This is not a guarantee, that your tissues are the proper pH, but at least it is a step in the right direction.
The best way to change your body’s pH is to eat a diet with a neutral pH. This includes the following : no sugar, fatty foods, low beef, no dairy, low in simple carbs – including white breads, potatoes, and starchy veggies. Alcohol, coffee, tea and carbonated beverages also make for an acidic body.
There are lots of alkaline diet sites, and of course they all think they are THE answer. Here are a couple of links, to get you started:

This is a course, that you buy, with CDs, ebooks, food charts, etc. Right now it is $39.99. Might be worth the investment, to get on the right tract quickly.

This article, at (Alternative Medicine), gives the basics:

This is an ebook, that costs $47:

You can get a free alkaline food chart here:

Alkaline Diet

Woman to Woman is a good site:


Many forms of cancer are caused or exacerbated by toxic chemicals, which are all around us (ubiquitous), and impossible to avoid. Therefore, it is important to keep your liver healthy and detox on a daily basis.  You can find information, about detox in other post in this blog.  Here is one to get you started:

Antioxidants – Excellent antioxidants includefish oil (Essential Fatty Acids [EFA]), vitamin C, Ubiquinol (which is a more refined form of Co-Q10, and which is much better utilized by the body), Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin E (Unrefined Palm Oil and Coconut Oil are especially high in Tocotrienols). Glutathione is needed for effective recycling of tocopherols and tocotrienols. Selenium, L-tryptophan and glutamine are helpful, for building up glutathione levels.

This looks like a good article, on cancer fighting antioxidants:

A really good antioxidant, that is good for multiple health issues, including preventing and fighting breast cancer, is Turmeric. Here is an article, that talks about potentiating the effect of Turmeric, by taking it with black pepper:

This is where I get my Turmeric:

I take two capsules two times daily. But a cancer patient should consider taking two capsules three times daily.

Green Tea – an excellent antioxidant, for preventing and fighting cancer.

I take two capsules two times daily. But a cancer patient should consider taking two capsules three times daily.
Build Up the Immune System
Vitamin D3
Most Americans are severely deficient in Vitamin D3, which is crucial for a healthy immune system. Some doctors (who are in the know), start their patients on multiple thousands of i.u. of Vitamin D3 daily. Some even go the route of giving D3 IV. Cancer patients should have their D3 levels tested by Lab Corp, as they are known to have the most accurate testing methods, to get truly accurate levels. Usual recommendations are for 400i.u. However, I am currently taking 4000i.u. twice daily, and that keeps my D3 levels where they should be.

Here is an article on D3 and Breast Cancer:

In this article it says, “In 1989, the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, reported that the most active form of vitamin D (Calcitriol) significantly reduced the growth of breast cancer in an animal model.” One patient, I know did not absorb standard forms of vitamin D and calcium, due to a surgeon removing part of his Para-Thyroid, when he removed the thyroid, back in 1964.

Calcitrol is the synthetic form of Vitamin D3, that some doctors prescribe, and which is VERY expensive.  Some insurance companies only pay a small percentage, for this drug, because it was not on their formulary. This patient, who was taking Calcitrol, because his calcium levels were extremely low, even on high doses of calcium. It did help bring his calcium levels up, but only marginally.  Once he started taking 4000i.u. of natural Vitamin D3, twice daily, he was able to stop taking Calcitrol, as it was similar to the natural form of D3.  His calcium levels improved, and were excellent, after taking the Vitamin D3 for several weeks.   Another benefit, that he has noticed, is that he now no longer comes home with the flu and colds, when they are being passed around the office.

The immune system resides in the intestinal tract  (aka gut).  For good health in general, it is important to keep the balance between good and bad bacteria in the gut in balance.

Herb for healing – check back later, for more on these great additions to a cancer treatment program. This article is a work in progress, and I will be adding more later. :D
Essiac Tea
Astragalus Root

What we put into our bodies, is very important.  We can affect our health positively or negatively with our food choices.
Since I am not a Dietitian or Nutritionist, I cannot speak to all the specifics, of how food affects us on a molecular level. However, I do know that our bodies were meant to ingest natural, whole foods, that are free of toxic chemicals.  We have flat teeth (molars), which means we were meant to chew plant materials. We do not have a mouth full of sharp teeth, such as obligate carnivores (dogs, cats, wolves, bats, etc.),


We were never meant to drink cow’s milk.  Our bodies do not have the enzymes required to efficiently break down the sugars (lactose) in milk, which can lead to allergies (lactose intolerance).  In addition, to that, cow’s milk is very high in casein, which is a form of protein, that humans are not able to digest.  For more information, about why we shouldn’t drink milk, check out this site:


In the following article, Dr. Mercola indicates that recent studies have shown that sugar, more specifically “Fructose”, “ . . .  cancer cells can readily metabolize fructose to increase proliferation.”–fructose-feeds-cancer-cells.aspx

It is important to note, that eating fruit and consuming fructose, in and of itself, is not bad. And people who eat it are not necessarily affected negatively, by intake of fructose.  What is not good, for us, is to eat large quantities of fructose . . . be it in the form of fruit or products made from fruit byproducts (i.e. sugar, candy, syrups, etc).
Most notably, people who fit into the following categories, should limit their intake of fructose, to less than 15% of dietary intake daily: Diabetes, High blood pressure, Overweight, High Cholesterol, Cancer.
Also worth noting here, is that the Standard American Diet, is EXTREMELY high in High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). I personally, consider this common additive in foods, to be a poison, due to the negative effects it has had on the health of people and their pets (yes, HFCS is also added to some pet foods and treats).  Many years ago, the food industry realized that by refining the sugars in corn, they could make food taste good and save themselves boat loads of money.    Here is another link, that talks about the dangers of fructose:

Raw Food Lifestyle

Something, that a cancer patient might want to seriously consider, is to contact the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA):
In addition to immediately beginning with the modalities below, I would go to the CTCA, because they have a solid grasp on how to use Integrative/Complimentary health care modalities, which combine conventional with natural/holistic/alternative modalities. They believe in treating holistically, which means, that they treat body, soul and spirit.

Here is a good site, that I found, about strengthening the immune system to help fight cancer. Lots of good articles here – take a look around. Here are some to get you started:
This article talks about boosting the immune system, to fight cancer:
How the immune system’s defense team works:
Cancer fighting Strategies:
There are a number of good looking articles, about how to fight cancer, at this link:
Click on the links on the left, of the screen, for more articles. They cover all the areas, that I covered above, and then some.
I hope this helps. Please keep in mind that conventional medicine doesn’t have a really high success rate, when treating cancer. If one chooses to follow conventional medicine, the above mentioned modalities are all compatible with conventional medicine modalities, and in fact will help to build up what chemo and other conventional medical treatments break down.  They will also help to buildup the immune system, and give the body a fighting chance, against the detrimental effects, of chemotherapy and other drugs used to kill cancer cells.


The information, herein, has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and is not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  The information, posted here, is the opinion of the author, is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.  You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a health care professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

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