PROTEIN SHAKEI can’t tolerate the Ultra-Clear that I’ve been taking forever, and am allergic to nuts, seeds and most grains… rice is ok though. Any tips would be appreciated!

I make a green smoothie almost every day, and add Chia Seeds, which are high in fiber, protein, Omega 3 and 6, antioxidants and multiple minerals.  I consider it a “super food”.  The mucilaginous coating on the seeds, expand when hydrated, and they create a thicker consistency to your smoothie.  If you can tolerate them, they are a great addition to your smoothie.  You can see the ingredients list here:

I also add one of two different sources of plant protein . . . pea protein and brown rice protein.  I prefer to use the unflavored versions of both, because they don’t contain added ingredients, which can increase your chances of reacting. As I said, I use one or the other.  By having both on hand, you can rotate them, causing less chance of developing a sensitivity.

I get mine at Swanson Vitamins.  They charge $4.99 for shipping any quantity/weight. So, I tend to save up my purchases and the shipping per item is less.

For vegetarians, vegans and anyone looking for a non-animal derived protein, try Swanson 100% Pure Pea Protein: pure, easily digestible, great-tasting, vegan-friendly protein source made with yellow peas (Pisum sativum). It features an amino acid profile very close to ideal for human nutrition, as recommended by health organizations worldwide. Plus, unlike many protein supplements, Pea Protein is easy on the stomach and almost completely digestible, making it the perfect choice for sensitive individuals, children and the elderly.

Swanson Oryzatein Brown Rice Protein is back in a conveniently smaller 16-ounce canister to ensure freshness! Hypoallergenic Oryzatein is more easily digested and better absorbed than soy or wheat and won’t upset the GI tract. Produced from certified organic sprouted brown rice through a proprietary process with patent-pending technology, Oryzatein provides a complete and balanced amino acid profile and blends easily in any food or beverage. Try Oryzatein today!

Here is the recipe for the PROTEIN SHAKE Green Smoothie, that I made today.

4 oz. Hazelnut milk (Unsweetened Almond milk could be rotated, to minimize sensitivity.)

1 cup ice, made with filtered water

4 oz frozen organic blueberries

2 Tbsp organic cocoa

2 Tbsp Brown Rice protein

1 scoop (1/2 tsp) Lo-Han (Monk Fruit) organic sweetener [0 kCal, 2gm Carb, 1.5 gm Fiber]

1 cup fresh alfalfa leaves & blossoms (from my garden) [Adds chlorophyll, protein and fiber – see substitutions below]

5 Dayliliy Blossoms [Can substitute with rose pedals, geranium blossoms, violet blossoms, lavender blossoms, etc.]

Lavender leaves – Strip leaves from two stems of lavender (one stem if large stem)

This smoothie is very adaptable.  Different fruits can be added and/or substituted, such as strawberries, grapes, peeled apples, pineapple, papaya, mango, etc.  The advantage to adding color to your smoothie (as with flowers and fruit), is the addition of vitamin A (carotene).

Substitutions for Alfalfa leaves could be:

Alfalfa Sprouts


Swiss Chard (one of my favorites – fresh from my garden)

Lamb’s Quarters (if picked from an herbicide/pesticide free zone). When it comes up in the Spring, I cultivate a couple, of the plants, which provides me with wonderful salad greens and green smoothie greens. Before Spinach was developed, Lambs Quarters, was called Spinach),

Red Clover greens and blossoms

Cilantro Leaves – if you love Cilantro, like I do, this gives your smoothie an interesting flavor

Flat Leaf Parsley


Lettuce – best is darker green lettuces, like Romaine, Buttercrunch and one of my favorites is Red (Oakleaf) lettuce


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