REASONS TO NOT SUPPORT GMO’S AND THE FARMERS ASSURANCE PROVISION – A LETTER TO MY SENATOR : This morning I learned that the Senate passed a provision, that protects Monsanto and the GMO products, that they manufacture.  I’m mad as H*ll and not going to take it anymore!!!  I sat down and wrote the following letter to my Senator.

In the past, I have noticed that when I send a boiler plate letter (from an advocacy group), I don’t get a response, from my Senator.  If I include a note with personal information, I get a response.  So, I was going to add a note to the boiler plate message, and it turned into a whole letter, telling him exactly why he shouldn’t be supporting Monsanto, Cargill and other chemical companies producing toxic chemicals, that are making the American public sick.  I really hope he listens!  This is a major issue, in this country, right now, and major changes need to be made.  When I was finished with the letter, I decided to put it in my blog, so others can see how bad things are getting, with Monsanto and other chemical companies, forcing the American public to eat GMO products in most of the food sold in this country!

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Dear Senator Casey,

I’m writing to ask you to oppose the Farmers Assurance Provision, sometimes referred to as the Monsanto Protection Act, and to vote “NO” on any bill, including the Continuing Resolution, which includes the provision.

I learned, today, that on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013, the Senate passed the Farmer’s Assurance Provision. To be honest, with you, I was appalled, that the Senate has ignored multiple hundreds-of-thousands, of requests to stop supporting Monsanto and Cargill and other chemical companies, who are pushing really hard, to get their toxic GMO products forced on the American public.  As a new small farmer, I know that this DOES NOT protect small farmers at all. In fact it only protects Large Factory Farms that use RoundUp, and grow GMO crops and feed GMO grains and hay to their livestock – this includes meat cattle, dairy cows and chickens for meat and eggs.

Hopefully, you know that GMO plants were developed, to be resistant to RoundUp, so farmers could spray RoundUp on their crops and not have to bother with weeds, in their fields.  The problem with that is fourfold, when it comes to your family’s and my family’s health:

1.  When RoundUp is sprayed on the crops, that we eat, the chemicals in RoundUp remain on the grains, and/or vegetables, it has been sprayed on.  Hence, when we eat these food products, WE ARE EATING ROUNDUP!!!

2.When the cattle, dairy cows and chickens eat the feed, they are eating the RoundUp, that remains on the grains, when it is processed.  Not only does that make the animals sick, and more susceptible to infection, it also disperses the chemicals, in RoundUp, to their muscles, which means we EAT ROUNDUP!

3.  When you eat plants, that have their DNA altered using RoundUp (to make them resistant to RoundUp), that cellular structure is digested by the human and animal gut, and is absorbed into their muscles and organs, making them sick.  Maybe not right away, but over a period of time.  Most likely this causes cancer in later years. Because it takes time, it is not possible to conclusively determine that GMO foods, caused the cancer, but in many cases that is exactly what it has done.

4.  It is a known fact, that the chemicals in RoundUp cause cancer, not only for those who eat it, (including animals who eat the grains), but for the farmers, who are spraying it on their fields.

In addition to the above negative health effects, caused by GMO sprayed on seeds (grains, hay & vegetables), and RoundUp in grains, hay and seeds, there have been thousands of court cases, across the country, where RoundUp has crossed property lines, from Commercial Factory Farms, to organic smaller farms, and Monsanto has had the GAUL to sue the small farmer for using their RoundUp, without being licensed to use it. HUH????  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  RoundUp is the LAST thing that an organic farmer wants to use on their crops!  To sue them because of over spray, is just UNCONSCIONABLE!!! This is why I do not believe that this should be called the “Farmer Assurance Provision”.  Instead it should be called the “Monsanto/Factory Farm Assurance Provision”!!!

There have been other lawsuits perpetrated, by Monsanto, where GMO grains have either cross pollinated or seeds have blown across property lines, onto organic farms, and the same thing happened — Monsanto sued (and in both situations WON!), because the organic farmers were “using” Monsanto products without registering their use.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, of what Monsanto is doing to ruin the small farmer, so they can have the whole market, rather than share the market place with organic farmers.

As a constituent, who suffers from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), and who must avoid ALL chemicals, I know that when I eat foods, with toxic pesticides and herbicides, including RoundUp, it makes me sick.

As your constituent, I am begging you to consider those whom you serve, and put an end to this insanity . . . supporting Monsanto, Cargill and other large chemical companies, who pour multiple millions, probably billions of dollars into forcing these toxic chemicals and GMO seeds, on the American public, to fill their already bulging pockets.  And that doesn’t include the multiple millions, of dollars they spent, in California, to deceive the public and defeat Proposition 37 and the multiple millions, of dollars, they are now spending in Oregon. Somebody should sit up and take note, of the huge support that proponents, of those bills have gotten from across the entire country.

New GMOs aren’t regulated enough as it is. Even the American Medical Association complains, that the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t safety test new GMOs, for human health risks, before allowing them on the market, for human consumption. Last year, the AMA recommended that GMOs undergo mandatory premarket safety testing, but that is not being done.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture does conduct a mandatory review of new GMOs, but not for human health risks, and the long term affects are not tested.  The USDA is notorious for ignoring the impact new GMOs will have on organic and non-GMO farmers who experience serious economic losses when their crops are contaminated.

In recent years, the courts have had to step in and stop the planting of new GMOs. The courts did this by requiring that the USDA complete a thorough Environmental Impact Statement, before approving a controversial crop. The Monsanto Protection Act strips the court, of its constitutional power to review executive branch decisions, which means the courts can no longer intervene in order to protect the American public. Now, the USDA can rubber-stamp new GMOs and, even if serious harm could result, the court can’t stop them from being planted. THAT’S JUST UNCONSCIONABLE!!!

I implore you to stop the Farmer Assurance Provision (aka the Monsanto Protection Act), from being extended past September 30 and vote against any bill that includes it.

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