Strategies for Detox

Here are some, of the things that I have used, and continue to use. This is not a complete list, merely what I am currently using, or what I have used, successfully, in the past.

Milk Thistle
Green Tea
Bacoba Monniera
Note: the above five herbs, are the components in an expensive, yet powerful supplement, being sold, on the market. I have done some research on it, and find it to be a powerful, synergistic combination of herbs. There has been a convincing study, on the effectiveness, of this product, for helping a number of conditions, including neurological conditions: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS and MS and cancer. Turmeric is an Ayurveda herb, that is known for its detoxing action, as well as for cardiovascular and neurological healing quality. It is also a great blood sugar stabilizer, for diabetics.

Vitamin C powder (Crystalline C) ( – Crystalline C usually comes in a one pound jar, with a 1 gram scoop (usually 1/4-1/3 tsp). If you aren’t used to high doses of C, it is good to start with one gram, and build up your dose, as initial high doses can cause diarrhea. As your body acclimates, the diarrhea goes away. It is not, generally, dangerous. Many Canaries take as much as 5-6 grams of Crystalline C (with 1/2 as much baking soda), two to three times daily, without problem.

Alkalizing the body
An acidic body, encourages infection, since most bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. Other conditions are difficult to eradicate, when the body is acidic. These include, but are not limited to: cancer, toxic overload, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, In addition to eating lower acid foods, and incorporating more alkaline foods in my diet, I do the following:
Combine two parts Crystalline C with 1 part baking soda. This fizzes and tastes much like AlkaSetlzer without the ASA (aspirin). AlkaSeltzer Gold is widely used (in the EI community) as a detox agent, and works well, in an emergency situation, where the reaction is severe. I am sensitive (as are many Canaries) to ASA, so my way avoids ASA.

CHLORELLA – it is important to get “Broken Cell” Chlorella, as this is better utilized, by the body.  It is derived from green algae, and has incredible detoxifying, micronutrient, immune boosting and healing qualities.  An excellent Broken Cell Wall product to consider is:

LIVER ESSENTIALS ( – Herbs, that help keep a sluggish liver healthy, so it is able to efficiently filter toxins. Many people with a high toxic load, have over loaded livers, which are not able to filter toxins, which then float around in the blood, making them sick. I don’t remember all of the herbs that help strengthen the liver, but the following are all in the Liver Essentials formula, that I take:
Milk Thistle
Dandelion Root
Burdock Root
Parsley Root
Picorhiza kurroa rhizomes
NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine)
TMG (Trimethylglyine or Natural Betaine)
Alpha-Lipoic Acid

In addition to the above “Liver Essentials” formula, that I take two of daily, I also take additional Milk Thistle, NAC and Alpha-Lipoic Acid supplements, for their broad spectrum benefit, to my multiple health conditions.

This is another whole topic, and much too complex to go into at this time. However, suffice it to say, that another good way to detox and chelate heavy metals, is to use Homeopathic Remedies.

PROBIOTICS, to keep a healthy GI tract – Our immune system resides in our GI tract, and toxic overload is generally a result of an unhealthy immune system.

FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) ( – A simple sugar, that is crucial, for the feeding and strengthening, of the “Good” bacteria in our GI tract. This sugar is able to withstand the acids of the stomach and upper GI tract. When it arrives in the lower GI tract, it feeds the “Good” bacteria, nourishes them, and allows them to overwhelm the “Bad” bacteria. It is crucial for healthy “Good” bacteria, and healthy GI tract, which leads to healthy immune system. Many, of the better probiotics, are now including FOS in their formulas. However, in the case of an unhealthy GI tract it is beneficial to add additional FOS, when each probiotic capsule is taken.

GI HEALTH – One important thing to keep in mind, when detoxing, is to maintain a healthy “flow”, of what is called the “food bolus” (in medical terms), or food mass, as it moves through the GI tract. Many people, who have toxic overload, also struggle with constipation. This condition allows for slow movement of the food bolus, which allows for reabsorption, of toxic chemicals, sometimes multiple times. This in turn puts undue stress on an already over taxed liver.

There are several ways to keep that food bolus moving:

* High fiber diet – the ideal, is to eat more raw vegetables. The benefit, of that is that by eating raw, you have not destroyed the enzymes that make the food more digestible, thereby making it easier, for the nutrients to absorb through the intestinal wall.

*  Laxatives (undesirable)*  Prune Juice – This is a gentle way, to soften the stool. Drinking one 6-8 ounce glass of warm prune juice, will soften the stool in 8-12 hours. Depending on the degree, of constipation, this may be repeated, until a soft stool is achieved.

*  Higher than normal doses of Crystalline Vitamin C, to the point of soft stool, never to the point of watery diarrhea.

*  Unsweetened MOM (Milk of Magnesia) – I get the Equate Brand at Walmart. It has no sweeteners or additives – only Magnesium Hydroxide. The taste isn’t really all that bad, but some might find it a bit chalky. It can be watered down, and/or followed quickly with a swish of water, and swallowed. You can start with recommended dose, on the bottle. Only take doses until the result is a soft stool. Do not continue taking after that point, as this could lead to watery stool, which could lead to depleted electrolytes.

*  Drink plenty of fluids. There are differing opinions on how much to drink. However, when you are trying to soften your stool, it is a good idea to drink more than less. I have seen some recommendations to drink “gallons”. However, that is not a good idea, as it can flush out valuable vitamins and minerals and lead to electrolyte imbalance. Use common sense. 8-10 glasses of non-caffeinated liquid daily, should be sufficient. This would include fresh fruit and vegetable juices – leaning more toward vegetable juices to keep sugar intake down.


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